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Pokemon Hentai Story: "Dawn the Pornstar"


The spotlight shone in Dawn’s eyes and she brought her arm up to shield them. Squinting through the glare into the middle distance, she could barely make out the figures of nine, maybe ten people, standing, sitting, and no doubt looking at her. There were other shapes there, too – not human or Pokémon. Two of them were tall, ending in glowing yellow-white discs. They were the spotlights, she could see that now, and they were pointing directly at her. There was a long, fuzzy thing on a stick, like a Diglett – a boom mike. So that meant the other two things she could make out were video cameras… and they were also looking directly at her.

Was… Was she… on TV?

Dawn’s mouth dropped. She was on TV! It had to be true! That was what the man had said, after all: that she would be a star!

She smiled widely and her eyes twinkled. She was going to be a movie star!

Her mind wandered to her big day – the premiere of her first movie. She was the star and she was climbing out of the limousine onto the red carpet, dressed in a long, elegant dress – her beanie had been left at home, letting her hair fall down as excited photographers took pictures of their newest celebrity. They told her how beautiful she looked, and how stunning and refined. And there was her Mom, looking so proud, with Ash and Brock and Pikachu beside her, waving her on… Brock and Mom were standing a little too close for her liking. What was going on there? Never mind. With Piplup at her side, Dawn swept down the red carpet to cheers and salutations…

She snapped back to reality. It was quite warm under those spotlights, in a way that didn’t feel quite right. Must be nerves. After all, this was her first starring role!

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Pokemon Cartoon Sex

Pokemon Hentai

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Pokemon Hentai

Pokemon Porn

Pokemon Porn

Ash continued to watch his female companion with love and desire… until one day fucked on of them in the forest!
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It appears that May and Dawn are both ready for another one round…

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Dawn from Pokemon got roughly fuked in her ass…Drawn Hentai